About Us

“Your Dreams Powered by Private Money”

Vision Statement

Develop a nationally dominant private funding business lending to both small business owners and real estate investors. This will be accomplished through leveraging online and offline marketing that appeals to the needs of our target market and by providing exceptional client service. Virtual processes leverage thousands of affiliate partners who demonstrate entrepreneurial passion for business, real estate and finance, who excel at exceptional client service, generating profits for our clients, themselves and for the company by powering our clients’ dreams with private money. 
Operating Philosophy & Business Culture 
Our business is built on relationships with our clients……
Relationships are built on trust……
Trust is built by delivering on promises……..
Promises are kept because of commitment. 
We are a team: Together Everyone Achieves More….
We are a Winning Team……
Winning comes from commitment to the Mission and to the Team….
Each team member on the team is important to our success.
We succeed by creating wealth.
The more wealth we create for our clients, the more wealth we create within our team

Mission Statement

Our Mission: Grow into the most widely known private money resource supporting small businesses and real estate investors with fast, reliable and ready access to the capital they need to grow their wealth and achieve their dreams.
Our Goal is to broker $5,000,000,000 in private money loans per year.
Our Family is the Private Money Syndicate. “
“Welcome to the Family.”

Partner Bio

      Tony E. Calloway is the Private Money Syndicate’s Managing Partner. He has over 30 years of comprehensive experience in the real estate investment, private lending and financial services industries. He is also an adjunct professor of business, marketing and personal finance. In his previous career in the US Army, he was a highly decorated intelligence officer who served in Desert Storm/Desert Shield and provided national-level intelligence to Post 9/11 military operations in Afghanistan.  Direct Email: tony@privatemoneysyndicate.com.