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“Your Real Estate Investing Dreams Powered By Private Money!”

The Private Money Syndicate funds deals that traditional lenders cannot. Our private lenders are ready with $5,000,000,000 to fund real estate projects. We focus on cash flow and upside profitability, then structure the private financing you need to close the deal quickly.

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“When your passion and purpose are greater than your fear and excuses, you will find a way.”
This statement is so true and has become a statement that I live by. 
My husband and I decided to jump back into flipping and holding rental homes after almost 10 years away from this type of adventure. We’re in a new town and don’t have the connections we’d built years before. I was blessed to happened across, Corey, who wholesaled to us the perfect flip to get us back in the game. 
Now for the hard part: The financing.
This is often the most difficult part of the process. Again, our prayers were answered when Corey connected us with Tony Calloway, and the Private Money Syndicate. 
Tony jumped right in, making phone calls and negotiating the best deals possible for our project. Because the  Private Money Syndicate represents multiple lenders, he produced several options for us to choose from. This doesn’t happen in the “normal banking world.” We chose the best option, got funded fast and went right to work. 
Within four months we purchased, renovated and sold this amazing property, and made a $30,000+ profit! 
Yes, private money is more costly to borrow than traditional bank loans, with broker fees, points and higher rates. These fees create fear and excuses for why you shouldn’t move forward. But, the funds are available. Without private money there would be no deal, nor profit. Their speed in funding our deal was second only to the consultative support that Tony gave us, ensuring the decision to proceed was in our financial best interest.
Bottom line: No Private Money Syndicate, no deal. No deal, no $30,000+ profit! 
As the quote references, my passion and purpose are much greater than my fear and excuses.
What about you? Are your passion and purpose greater than your fear and excuses?
We are scheduled to close our next deal in two weeks. Once again, Tony and the Private Money Syndicate helped us find a way. 
                                                                                                                 Keri & Paul J., Columbus, GA


  • Real Estate Investor Loans: $50,000 to $500,000,000
  • For Non-Owner Occupied Residential, Multi-Family & Commercial Property
  • Single Family Investment Property Loans Up to 80% As-Is LTV*
  • Multi-Family & Commercial Property Loans Up to 80% As-Improved LTV*
  • Cash-Out Refinancing, Hard Money, Bridge, Mezzanine & Hybrid Loans
  • Fixed & Floating Rates Amortizing & Interest-Only Loans
  • No Income Qualification or DTI Calculations
  • No Tax Returns or IRS 4506 Forms Requirements
  • 30-Day Seasoning on Refinances
  • No Reporting to Credit Bureaus
  • Portfolio & Non-Recourse Loans Available.
  • SBA Commercial & USDA Government Programs

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